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Release Date: February 15, 2006

A representative of the NYS DEC will speak at the next meeting of the Greenburgh Town Board – February 22nd at 7:15 PM.Residents of Greenburgh have recently reported seeing coyotes around town. The DEC will answer questions and provide residents with safety tips. Our meetings are televised live. Residents who cannot attend the meeting may call in at 993-1540

At the meeting of the Town Board I would like to discuss the recent snow storm. Portions of sidewalks on Ardsley Road, Central Ave & Route 119 were not cleared of snow. Under the current law homeowners and property owners who own property near the sidewalk must clear the sidewalk of snow. The town must wait 24 hours after a snow storm ends before issuing a summons. After 24 hours the town can clear up the snow and bill the property owner for our services.  24 hours is much too long.  After the snow storm ended on Sunday some sidewalks were not cleared of snow till Tuesday afternoon. Commuters walking to the train station and students walking to school had to walk on the road (which was icy and dangerous). I personally witnessed a number of commuters walking up and down Ardsley Road. I would like to see the Town Board adopt legislation that will reduce the time period before the town can clear the sidewalk if the property owner does not meet their obligations. I received dozens of calls/e-mails about this yesterday. I’m leaning towards recommending that the time period be reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours.

On Wednesday, February 22nd George Coniglio will be named employee of the month. George organized a terrific Valentine’s Day event on February 14th for seniors and toddlers. It was a great party. Seniors enjoyed playing with toddlers from Union Child Day Care Center. And the toddlers enjoyed the extra attention they received from their new “honorary grandparents”. Because the event was such a success George is expanding this intergenerational program. Children will be visiting seniors at the TheodoreYoungCommunity Centerthe 2nd Friday of every month. This works out well as we have music on Fridays which both the seniors and children can enjoy.  George is looking at re-starting a Gardening program that the Day Care Center used to have on the rooftop of their building. He is looking at an intergenerational toddler/senior gardening program. We need more employees like George Coniglio who are always thinking of innovative ways to make Greenburgh a better place for all.


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