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Release Date: February 14, 2006

The recent snow storm highlights the need for the Town to revisit our current sidewalk laws which require homeowners to clear snow from sidewalks in front of their homes. Yesterday I was driving on Ardsley Road and noticed that parts of the sidewalk alongside the road had not been cleared. I also saw pedestrians walking on the icy roads because they did not have access to a sidewalk.  I have long advocated a change in the law -- I believe that the town should clear snow from sidewalks leading up to schools and train stations. I am hoping that we can have a community discussion on this very important issue.
The current law should be reviewed for another reason: a number of civic associations are encouraging the town to build additional sidewalks throughout the town. Homeowners who live near proposed sidewalks frequently object to the placement of sidewalks in front of their homes because they don't want to assume the additional responsibility of having to clear sidewalks of snow & ice  after storms. The current law will make it more difficult for the town to proceed with construction of new sidewalks.
What do you think?

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