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Release Date: January 23, 2006

The police chief announced today that crime is at a historic low. During the year 2005 a total of 920 part I offenses were reported to the police department compared to 1,029 in 2004. This is a 10.6% crime reduction. There was one homicide last year. Felony assault offenses increased by 12 from 26 to 38. In the 23 years of which the police department has access to crime records the 920 crimes reported in 2005 represents the lowest number of reported Part I offenses for any single year. Congratulations to the police department for a job well doneā€”for their efforts to keep us safe. PAUL FEINER

Attached for your information is a Press Release that we made today on 2005's Reported Part I Offenses.  I am happy to report that last year's statistics were even below 2004's, setting a new record low.  Part II Offenses, which are considered less serious and include crimes such as Simple Assault, DWI, Criminal Mischief, Drug Offenses, etc., also were lower by more than 6%.  One area, however, DWI increased dramatically from 138 offenses in 2004 to 258 in 2005.  As might be expected from these ststistics, total arrest were also down from 1,775 in '04 to 1,632. Another notable statistic has to do with the number of traffic accidents occurring in the Town during 2005.  That number, 1,223 was more than 200 fewer than we experienced in 2004, representing a reduction of nearly 16%.  Fewer accidents resulted in ninety-five less people being injured in collisions.  I will forward you are copy of the entire report.  JAK

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