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WANTED: goals for 2006
Release Date: December 20, 2005

I would be very grateful if you would submit your suggestions for proposed goals for 2006 to me by January 6th.  At the first meeting of each year I present the Town Board and community with goals, voluntarily place $5000 in an escrow account. At the last meeting of the Town Board the Town Board evaluates my performance and decides how much of the $5000 should be returned to the taxpayers.

In 2005 I will be returning to the taxpayers $1,649.50.

In 2006 I will try something a little different. I will ask the Town Board to partner with me in deciding what the goals should be. I will submit your ideas to the Town Board before the first meeting of the year. We will meet prior to the first meeting of the year and will jointly decide what we hope to accomplish in 2006. Hopefully, we will work cooperatively on implementing our goals.


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