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Release Date: December 20, 2005

The Greenburgh Town Board approved the 2006 budget on Tuesday Taxes will go down very slightly for residents of unincorporated Greenburgh. There will be a tax reduction of about 11% for residents of the villages.

The Greenburgh Town Board evaluated Supervisor Paul  Feiner’s 2005 goals. Feiner will return $1,649.50 of the $5,000 he voluntarily places in an escrow account (he will keep $3,350.50 of the money put in escrow). Feiner was successful in accomplishing 67.01% of the 77 goals that were announced at the beginning of January.  Feiner said that he believes that all elected officials should base part of his salary on performance. The goals and evaluation will be posted on the web site Wednesday afternoon.

Feiner is believed to be the only elected official who bases part of his salary on performance.

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