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Release Date: December 15, 2005

At Wednesday night’s Town Board meeting the Board unanimously approved a local law introduced by Councilwoman Timmy Weinberg to require the placement of automated external defibrillators in the town library, the town hall, the town court, senior housing facilities, senior day care centers and town buildings which provide meals or other on site activities geared specifically to those age 55 and over, including, but not limited to the Multipurpose Center and Theodore Young Community Center. Placing defibrillators at key locations will definitely save lives.


The Town Board will vote on the 2006 budget on Monday evening at 8:15 PMat Town Hall. The Town Board will also evaluate my goals for 2005 at this meeting. At the beginning of each year I post goals on the town web site. I voluntarily place $5000 of my salary in an escrow account and return part of the $5000 when goals are not met.

I welcome your suggestions for 2006 goals.


Congresswoman Nita Lowey will send a representative to the first Town Board meeting each month. Ed Brancati, Deputy District Director for the Congresswoman, gave the members of the Town Board the good news last night. This will be very helpful to our town. Constituents who have federal problems (social security, immigration, want to apply to West Point, etc…) can chat with Mr. Brancati at his constituent service table outside the Town Board meeting room prior to the meeting or at the  beginning of each meeting. Mr. Brancati will be at the January 11th Town Board meeting.


FINALLY, if you are worried about the strike: please conact MetroPool for ride sharing  (1-800-FIND-RIDE). Metro Pool offers free ride networking to help you improve your commute. The web site is: www.metropool.com.  There is a park and ride facility at SprainRidgeParkin Greenburgh. For additional information visit www.westchestergov.com.



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