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Release Date: December 11, 2005

The 4 other members of the Greenburgh Town Board have released their preliminary budget which is posted on the web site www.greenburghny.com. I disagree with two proposed changes:
The Board wants to create A NEW POSITION: AIDE TO TOWN COUNCIL MEMBERS.. The cost to the taxpayers will be $50,000 (not counting benefits). I believe that this position is a  big waste of taxpayer dollars. Currently, the only political positions in town government are elected. This will be the first time a taxpayer funded  political job will be included in the town budget.  The Board is rejecting a funding request I made to fund a new position of CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. The Code Enforcement Officer would respond to written complaints, verify the validity of the complaint and investigate legitimate violations and make court appearances when necessary. The person who fills this position would enforce the provisions of local codes, ordinances and laws that relate to quality of life issues: littering, sanitation, noise, dumping and other similar activities. The code enforcement officer was recommended after listening to complaints from neighborhood associations over the past year about illegal overcrowding conditions in some homes across the town. The code enforcement officers salary would be about $50,000. My guess is that the position will pay for itself--because of the anticipated additional summons that will be issued.
WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER: Spending $50,000 on a legislative aide position or $50,000 on a code enforcement officer?
The Town Board will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:15 PM at Town Hall.

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