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Sledding at sections of Webb Park....
Release Date: December 09, 2005

Why is parts of Webb Field off limits for sleigh riding?  I received some complaints from Greenburgh kids about trees being planted at Webb Field --making parts of the field inaccessible to sleigh riding. The following is the reason behind the action steps that were taken... PAUL FEINER

Good Morning Paul,
       There have been a number of back injuries at the site in question over the past few . The Fire Department has been called to tend these injuries and has notified us of this unsafe condition. About for years ago this issue was discussed with both David Fried, Town Attorney and Gerard Byrne, Commission of Parks and Recreation and myself. It was decided that this section of the hill where those injuries had occurred is unsafe for sledding and should be block off as this could become a liability issue. For the past couple of years we were putting up safety fencing and signage during the Winter months to make people aware that the site is closed the sledding. However the fence and signage was consistently being removed by people who wanted to go down that part of the hill with their sleds. At some point last year I spoke to David Fried and made him aware of this ongoing problem. It was then decided that either permanent fencing, or landscaping or a combination of both be used to prevent people for sledding down this area.
Mike Nestler

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