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Release Date: November 29, 2005




[Greenburgh, NY] -- Councilmembers Steve Bass (D,WF) and Diana Juettner (D,I) are asking fellow Councilmember Eddie Mae Barnes (D) be appointed to the position of Deputy Supervisor.


            In a November 7th memo, Bass and Juettner wrote, “At the January 2006 town reorganization meeting, we expect the Town Board will once again establish the position of Deputy Supervisor...  We recommend that Councilwoman Eddie Mae Barnes be named Deputy Supervisor for the entire two-year term”. 


“The position of Deputy Supervisor is an important one and comes with a great deal of responsibility,” said Bass.  “The position warrants continuity throughout the term and there is no member of the Town Board more qualified or more deserving than Eddie Mae Barnes.”


In accordance with Section 42 of New York State Town Law, the Town Board has the authority to create the office of Deputy Supervisor and is appointed by the Town Supervisor.


Juettner said, “Councilwoman Barnes’ seniority on the Town Board,  her outstanding record of accomplishment and her proven leadership skills over the years warrant her appointment to Deputy Supervisor for the full two-year term.”


Councilwoman Barnes has been a member of the Greenburgh Town Board for 14 years and is currently serving her fourth term.  She serves as the Town Board Liaison to The Police Community Advisory Board, The Theodore Young Community Center Board, the Community Development Advisory Board, the Housing Authority Board and the Antenna Review Board. 


Councilman-elect Francis Sheehan (D,WF,I) also wrote to Feiner concurring with Bass’ and Juettner’s recommendation.  “I have worked with the Town Board in numerous capacities over the years, and have always admired Eddie Mae Barnes’ professionalism and strong work ethic,” said Sheehan.  “I look forward to working with her, along with Councilmembers Bass and Juettner.”

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