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Greenburgh resident needs help
Release Date: November 28, 2005

A group of neighbors have established a web site: www.teamlorraine.org to help a Greenburgh woman who had a tragic bicycling accident on Memorial Day, 2005. She was bicycling and severely injured her spinal cord, resulting in paralysis below her neck. This has been devastating, not only to Lorraine, but to her family, friends and neighbors. Lorraineis a retired English teacher. She has been an active cyclist, loves classical music, running, cross country skiing and has also served the community as a volunteer firefighter. A fund raiser is planned for January, raffles are being sold. We need additional help from the community. If you are planning to make donations before the end of the year to a very worthy cause – consider helping a neighbor. You can make an on line donation by visiting the website: www.teamlorraine.org. If you’re willing to sell raffle tickets- that, too, would be appreciated. And, please put January 14th on your calendar for the Motown dinner dance in honor of Lorraine.

Lorraineis not giving up. Team Lorrainewants to bring her the daily care and rehabilitation that goes beyond her insurance provider’s standards. There are advanced therapies and necessary companion care when friends can’t be at her side.


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