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Town Bd to vote Monday --intent to hire mediator
Release Date: November 15, 2005

The Greenburgh Town Board decided during our work session on Tuesday afternoon to vote  at Monday nights Town Board meeting on a resolution expressing our intent to hire a mediator to try to resolve the dispute between the villages and unincorporated Greenburgh re: allocation of funds. Community leaders in unincorporated Greenburgh and in the villages have raised objections to the historic allocation of funds. Both feel there are some inequities in the budget. The hiring of a mediator, we hope, will reduce tensions between the villages and unincorporated sections of Greenburgh. The mediator will identify issues to be addressed. We hope that all sides will be brought to the table and will  try to reach a consensus re: possible state legislative changes to address the issues. The members of the Town Board hope to retain the services of a highly respected mediator -- someone who does not live or work in Greenburgh or its villages. We will be meeting with a possible mediator next week: a retired State Supreme Court Judge who is skilled in mediation.
MEETING DATE: Monday November 21   7:15 PM    Greenburgh Town  Hall
(We are meeting on Monday instead of Wednesday because of the Thanksgiving holiday)

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