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Halloween report....
Release Date: November 01, 2005

Chief John Kapica and I spent some time on Halloween evening patrolling the streets of Greenburgh. We stopped by at homes that have had problems in the past. I’ve been driving around town with the Police Chief for 14 years on Halloween. This year, to my pleasant surprise, we had fewer problems. I was pleased that people who had experienced Halloween related problems in the past were very satisfied with the work the police did this Halloween. And, also pleased that there were fewer incidents. Congratulations and thanks to the Police Chief and his officers who did a great job. 

If you experienced any problems last night and want me to include you on the list of homes we visit next year, please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. We’ll check up on you next year to make sure that you feel that we’re doing what we can to protect your quality of life and property. PAUL FEINER

On the 4x12 tour on Halloween of 2004, the department received seventy (70) calls for service.  On the 4x12 tour this Halloween the department received forty-eight (48) calls for service about 17% fewer.  This Halloween, the department had thirty-two (32) police officers assigned to the Halloween detail, eighteen (18) of which were assigned on overtime.  A number of officers working that did not receive overtime were reassigned from other tours on to the 4x12 to minimize overtime.  Cost to the Town in base overtime salary (without benefits, i.e., Social Security, Workers' Compensation and NYS REtirement Contributions) was $4,676.09.  JAK 

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