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Ice skating at Crane's pond tomorrow! REMINDER-one more day to pre pay 2018 town/fire taxes...
Release Date: December 30, 2017

With the cold spell we are monitoring Crane's Pond ice thickness daily.  We only open up Crane's pond for ice skating when we are sure that the ice is safe. Greenburgh Parks and Recreation is pleased to announce that Crane's Pond in Old Edgemont will be open for ice skating December 31. Have fun and have a great new year.

You still have time to pre-pay your  2018 town and fire district taxes. Payments can be made on the internet till tomorrow night (December 31 up till the new year). You can also pay the 2nd half of the  2017 school tax on the internet. 

Hundreds of taxpayers are pre-paying their town tax bills or paying the 2nd half of the school tax this year -hoping to get the property tax deductions that they won't be entitled to after next years tax code goes into effect. The town can't guarantee what the IRS will decide but we have been very conservative with our approach--  haven't accepted county taxes because there was no warrant, haven't accepted pre payment of school taxes because the taxes were not assessed. The Town Board approved the 2018 town budget and issued a warrant at a special meeting.  We recommend that you consult your financial advisors before deciding whether pre- payment is for you.

Our website is www.greenburghny.com.  Two separate links: the top of the website (right side)--town/fire district taxes.  The bottom (left side of the website): school taxes.  Councilman Francis Sheehan has been working non stop during the past few days helping residents who have had difficulty figuring out how to make  payments using the internet. If you have questions you can e mail him at fsheehan@greenburghny.com.  He's provided many taxpayers with an amazing service --providing them with individual help helping them pay their bills on line and answering questions.  Thank you, Francis!


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