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Release Date: November 28, 2017

I just got off the phone with the Police Chief. We discussed a major regional problem: teenager’s breaking into cars that are not locked.  Some residents have been contacting me in recent days – concerned about car thefts near their homes.  A recent incident in Hartsdale involved  unlocked cars  being entered during the overnight hours with valuables (keys and key fobs) inside of cars.


The Greenburgh Police  made an arrest last week of 2 teenagers from Mount Vernon for this crime and over the last few years we have made numerous arrests. During our interviews of last week’s teenagers, we found that there are approximately 70 teenagers in Mount Vernon that leave the city each night and enter numerous Westchester communities to steal from unlocked cars. Police Chief Chris McNerney advised that they have made numerous arrests of teenagers from the Bronx that have come to Westchester during the overnight hours to do the same thing. We have recovered numerous cars that were stolen from  Greenburgh by these teenagers using the keys and key fobs that were left inside the cars. We continue to have initiatives to combat this crime and we are working with law enforcement throughout Westchester and the Bronx.


Crime stats, other than the larcenies from unlocked cars during the overnight hours, are very low.

We continue to remind residents to lock their cars and remove valuables each night.  Today – the town is placing lawn signs around unincorporated Greenburgh advising motorists to lock their cars. We are placing the lawn signs around town because we want to constantly remind people of the importance of taking this action. IN addition the police department is creating a twitter reminder feed and will remind people every night at 9 PM to lock their cars, if they subscribe to the feed. The police are also assigning unmarked cars to neighborhoods throughout the town-trying to be proactive.


We will never be able to eliminate crime but if residents are careful, we can reduce the number of incidents. And- if the teenagers involved in entering communities realize that Greenburgh is a difficult place to commit a crime they may go somewhere else.  Very pleased that our police department is focusing on this problem. And – doing a great job, as usual!


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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