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Halloween 2017 was a very quiet night -didn't have the mischief, vandalism
Release Date: October 31, 2017

I spent about two hours patrolling the streets of Greenburgh with Police Chief Chris McNerney. Every year, for the past twenty six years, I drive with the police chief around town --worried that Greenburgh will experience the mischief, property damage and vandalism other communities  live with --and what Greenburgh residents faced years ago. At that time there was lots of mischief, lots of vandalism and property damage.

The police department responded by allocating resources and increasing our police presence around town. Police headquarters reminded me of a war room --we sent a police bus to some streets, rounding up teenagers who were causing trouble. And stopped lots of kids with shaving cream or causing other problems.

During the two hours I drove around with the Chief we did NOT receive any calls complaining of Halloween vandalism.  In fact, the police radio was quiet for much of the time--with a handful of non Halloween related concerns.  This was definitely the most quiet Halloween since my first year as Town Supervisor. It's getting more and more quiet every year.

Earlier today the Greenburgh Police Department, Fairview Fire department, girl scouts worked with community  organizer Marlyn Pena and co-sponsored a fantastic event at 90 Manhattan Ave---a Halloween party for children and their parents (see attached photo. it's an opportunity for children to dress up, collect candy and other treats, to listen to good music and to have fun in a safe environment.  We also stopped by at Union Baptist Church (also on Manhattan Ave). The church also sponsored a fun event for families to participate in.

Hats off to the Police Chief and his team of dedicated police officers who do a great job keeping our community safe on Halloween night--and during the year.

If you experienced any problems that we're not aware of or that you did not report to the police - please advise so we can give your neighborhood the attention it deserves next Halloween.
Paul Feiner

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