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Release Date: October 30, 2017

How did we do yesterday during the storm –5 years after Sandy?  We experienced a significant storm yesterday and early this morning.  6000 customers in Westchester lost power. Fortunately, according to Con Ed, there were only 22 in Greenburgh as of this AM. At 1:45 there were 4 outages.   We experienced fewer outages for a number of reasons: less wind in this part of the county.  The town and Con Ed have been working hard trying to be proactive. Every week Con Ed and the town have trucks driving around town doing tree trimming work.  When I spoke with the Con Ed government liaison today he indicated that our proactive efforts contributed greatly to reduced tree outages.  We will continue our efforts to prepare for storms by clearing drains of debris and monitoring tree conditions around town – removing or trimming trees in danger of falling.   We’ve been doing this for years and our efforts seem to pay off. The town cannot remove trees on private property.


There’s a new restaurant in Hartsdale. Vietnam’s Central located at 694 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale (town of Greenburgh.  This is an e mail I received from Tuong Bui, owner of the restaurant.  Please support our local businesses. I have received lots of positive feedback about this new Vietnamese restaurant!


> At Vietnam Central,  we  are a family-run restaurant that hopes to share their culture through our dishes with the Westchester community.  Specifically, we specialize in cuisine from central Vietnam. After traveling throughout Vietnam, my wife and I had a lasting impression of the cities of the central region and its food, including dishes from Nha Trang and Ninh Hoa City. When we returned to the U.S., we  were determined to share our experience with others. Luckily, my family had experience with running restaurants. I grew up learning to cook alongside my mom in a little household kitchen in Vietnam to a restaurant in Tribeca, New York, and Dallas, Texas, learning the necessary skills to make Vietnamese food. This allowed use to realized our dream successfully. Our chefs will incorporate fresh herbs, green vegetables, great selection of meat and seafood along with Vietnamese spices to impress you with each and every bite We hope that customers are able to go on a culinary journey to explore the unique and satisfying flavors of our dishes.


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