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What should be done to revitalize 4 corners in Hartsdale (lots of vacancies)
Release Date: October 08, 2017

The four corners in  Hartsdale (Central Ave, West and East Hartsdale Ave) has had a difficult time over the years. Stores come and go and there are a number of vacancies. A big reason: lack of parking.  A local group of residents and the Hartsdale Neighbors Association are concerned and will be holding a public meeting this Tuesday night to discuss possible initiatives. I think this is a very worthwhile initiative and look forward to working with the committee.  If you can't attend the meeting and have some ideas please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com and I will share your thoughts with the committee.


A proposal to revitalize 4 Corners will be offered by a local group of residents this Tuesday night, October 10, at the next meeting of the Hartsdale Neighbors Association  (HNA) meeting.  The goal is to discuss a community vision to transform the intersection into a community asset. The meeting runs from 7:30-9pm at St. Paul’s Methodist Church (SW intersection of Jane and Central).  The HNA is a volunteer drive, community-based organization.  Further information on the meeting is at the HNA website: http://hartsdaleneighbors.org/wp/revitalizing-the-four-corners

Please note that the church is not disabled accessible (some steps).


    We regret that due to the rain that the Fairview Fire department will have to reschedule our Fire a Prevention Day that was scheduled for today.  The activities we planned all were mostly outdoors. 


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