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Release Date: September 16, 2017

I just left the Greenburgh Library. The place was packed. Had to park my car across the street- it was so busy. Small children, students, parents, the elderly -- everyone who I chatted with loves the Greenburgh Library and was thrilled to be able to purchase used books at ridiculously low prices.   Although some of the books have been sold there are still plenty of books left to purchase and enjoy.

The Friends of the Greenburgh Library will continue their book sale tomorrow from 1 PM to 4:30 PM and on Monday from 10 AM to 5 PM. I took a photo of the event --it's attached.

Earlier this week I spoke to town staff about the need to expedite the implementation of two initiatives: we need to expand parking at the library which will be done. And--we also need to create a curb cut at the top of the library circle to make it easier for the disabled to be dropped off and picked up at the entrance to the library. It's currently difficult for those with disabilities to get out of their cars and easily walk to the library.  I also spoke with some residents today who suggested that we  carve out an area at the circle for people who are waiting for someone. Currently, if someone stops at the circle it creates problems for others who are behind. Difficult to pass the car. I will ask the Public Works department to review  the suggestion.

Your suggestions are always welcome.  We are fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who donate their time to the Friends of the Greenburgh Library and are also very lucky to have an amazing library that is used by so many people.

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