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Azko property at one lawrence near Ardsley border sold--we're pushing for a solar farm
Release Date: August 16, 2017

Over a year ago  an application to build close to 300 rental units in four and five story buildings on five acres of the 11 acre Akzo property at One Lawrence Street in unincorporated Greenburgh/near the Ardsley border created lots of controversy. Signs were placed all over Ardsley and Greenburgh opposing the application. And we received hundreds of phone calls, e mails, letters objecting to the application. The location: near the new Rivertowns Square/Saw Mill River Parkway. Downtown Ardsley is always congested with traffic.  The Ardsley school district was concerned about the impact to the school district if so many apartments were built within the school district.   The application was withdrawn last year.



Lorraine Kuhn of Ardsley has been pushing for a solar farm at the location. I enthusiastically support the proposal. I have been sending Azko a number of e mails supporting the concept of a solar farm. This week they advised me that the property is no longer owned by Akzo and has been sold to Environmental Liability Transfer in May 2017, according to Akzo Nobel.  Please see website below for description of this company.

Both Lorraine and I have been in contact with the leadership of Environmental Liability Transfer and have been pushing for a solar farm. The company  is open to exploring the concept.


Solar farms are easier to build on former contaminated sites.  Create almost no traffic and are great for the environment --we want Greenburgh to become a more sustainable community. A solar farm at this location is a fantastic idea- a concept that would have lots of community enthusiasm.

I'd like to thank Lorraine for her advocacy and for being a terrific citizen activist --someone who is creative, hard working and persistent.  And always constructive.


Paul Feiner

Greenburgh Town Supervisor




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