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Good suggestion- will explore logistics on how people can donate unneeded garbage cans to residents
Release Date: July 30, 2017

I received a good suggestion from a few constituents and will try to figure out the logistics-- many people in town want to get rid of their old garbage cans. The town is supplying residents of 6200 households new cans for our new sanitation system (one arm electronic hand picks up garbage). The county has advised us that they won't accept old cans for recycling.
The suggestion: people could donate their unwanted cans to residents of other villages instead of throwing them away.  I will reach out to the other villages within the town and will ask the Commissioner/deputy if we could find a location where people could drop off their unneeded cans so they can be recycled.
Two of the e mails I received today...
Hello Paul, that 's alot of garbage cans to waste and put in our landfills. 
Can the good ones be donated to another town for their residents?
Or sell them cheaply so they will be recycled by being used and the town can donate the money or reinvest it in the town somehow? I.e the library.

Paul, with respect to "recycling" residents' "old" trash cans: I understand what Commissioner Carosi is saying about the varied plastic content, but the result is an enormous amount of plastic trash. I, and many of my neighbors have "like new" wheeled trash cans that have years and years of good use left. Could you not contact your counterparts in surrounding communities that don't have our new system, to arrange some kind of donation system for its needier residents? You might think that a used garbage can is not much of a gift, but these things sell for $30 a piece and there are probably people nearby who would appreciate avoiding that expense if given the opportunity. Although I would like to, its not really practical for me to drive around some nearby neighborhood with one mint condition albeit used garbage can in the back seat of my car, looking for a new home. But Greenburgh CAN EASILY collect all of the used garbage cans in a truck (which you are planning to do anyway), dispose of those that are not serviceable and DONATE those in perfectly good condition to nearby communities whose sanitation departments could distribute them to residents who could use them. To me, its a win/win situation, with just a few phone calls.



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