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Release Date: September 22, 2005

Greenburgh is a very special place –with very special people. Kimberly Alvanza and her mother are inspirations. Recently, the Alvanza’s decided to take their home off the market to help house victims of Hurricane Katrina. They had an offer of more than $500,000 for the house. But, decided to put the needs of hurricane victims first. The Alvanza family felt a personal need to reach out to these families, after observing the intense destruction from the storm as portrayed in many mediums. They will donate their home rent free for at least five months.

The Alvanza family will be working with the Greenburgh committee in formation to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Jay Leon, Ardsley Village Trustee (and soon to be Mayor) has been working hard to be of help to a family from New Orleans. The Alvanza’s have offered to help this family. The Ardsley Fire Department donated $3,000 to the family to keep her financially afloat.  The LyeceumKennedySchool(which is located in the OLPH building by Cross Roadin Ardsley) will be holding a garage and bake sale on Saturday October 1 from 1-4 PM.

In recognition of the extraordinary contributions the Alvanza family are making to hurricane victims—they will be honored as Greenburgh’s Citizen of the Month at the September 28th Town Board meeting at GreenburghTown Hallat 7:15 PM.


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