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Lyme--suggestion for new TZ bridge walkway/bike path: outdoor environmental museum
Release Date: July 10, 2017

This is the season when people can be bitten and get lyme disease Patch.com has some interesting tips that could help you: 



Last month the NYS Legislature voted to rename the Tappan Zee bridge after Mario Cuomo. I believe  the Legislature should also consider naming the new bikeway/walkway on the bridge for Pete Seeger--the folksinger and environmental activist who worked hard to focus public attention on a cleaner Hudson River. I also would like to suggest that the state consider creating an outdoor environmental museum along the three mile bridge --featuring environmental exhibits that pedestrians and cyclists could benefit from. The outdoor museum could highlight the history of the Hudson River environmental initiatives as well. The walkway that will be built on the Tappan Zee bridge is an exciting innovation that will link Westchester and Rockland Counties. It's guaranteed to become a destination point for tourists from around the world.  The outdoor environmental museum could also include a call to action--encouraging people to conserve energy, learn more about solar, geothermal and wind power, teach people about organic food composting, etc..



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