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Atlantic Starr interviews and ceremony...should we rename Olympic Lane near AF Veteran park
Release Date: June 13, 2017

Last week the town honored Atlantic Starr performers who put Greenburgh on the map with their world hits. see the link to the ceremony and the interview xposure after school students conducted with the musicians.


Below is the link to the Atlantic Starr Video which includes Xposure after school interview with the stars, ceremony and unveiling. This video can be found on the town website, on the side panel "Watch Live board Meetings" and then underneath the Specialty tab.





Greenburgh  residents have also excelled in sports. Two former residents have won Olympic Gold Medals. I think we should  rename Olympic Lane (which leads to AF Veteran park) for two former Greenburgh residents: Lou Jones and George Lawrence Larry James--two Olympic Gold Medal winners

the honorary street designation could say something like



George Lawrence "LarryJames was an American track athlete. At the 1968 Olympics he won a gold medal in the 4 × 400 m relay and a silver in the individual 400 m.

Lou Jones won  one  gold medal in the 1956 Olympics, for Athletics 4×400m Relay.


 When I was a Westchester County Legislator I frequently spoke with Lou about his experiences as an Olympic gold medal champ.  When Lou won the gold athletes did not cash in on the honor and make tons of money due to their wins. Lou also did some work at the Fairview Community Center- later named the Theodore Young Community Center.


What do you think about having honorary street namings for residents who earned world wide fame?

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