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Reason for no water, water pressure problems near Juniper water tank in Edgemont
Release Date: June 11, 2017

I received a few calls this afternoon and tonight about lack of water pressure or water from residents who live near the Juniper water tank in Edgemont. We are completing a major water tank paint job.  People are complaining because they are unable to take showers or wash up.


I contacted the head of the water department and commissioner of public works and his deputy about this problem and received the following response:  "Our operators are keeping the pumps running to keep pressure up, but very limited at what we can do.  We hope to get approval from Health Department to put the tank back in service next week.  We are just waiting for water test results to make sure the tank is disinfected properly." Victor Carosi


Once the water tank is back up the water tank should be in great shape for 20 years or more and the problems experienced by residents who be behind us.  Sorry for the inconveniences.


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