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Release Date: May 31, 2017


This article appears in today's greenburgh.dailyvoice.com. We all learned from this experience---

If your kitten ever spends time in a drain pipe and won't come out try tuna!



    Operation Kitty Rescue was ultimately a success.

An 8-week old kitten was rescued Monday after spending five days in a drain pipe outside of an Edgemont home.

Stephanie Balkin first heard the kittens frightened meows on Thursday but the kitten refused to leave the drain.

"It just wouldn't come out," Balkin said. "We put some food out for it, but it just wouldn't come out."

Balkin called the Greenville Fire Department and 10 firemen, a police officer and someone with animal control arrived on the scene to try and coax the kitty out.

"The cat just retreated into the pipe," Balkin said. "We could still hear the cat crying, it was really painful."

Balkin's three children, two 4-year-old twin boys, and her 2-year-old daughter were also upset by the cat's predicament but not even the Greenburgh Water Department could help get the cat out.

"We were feeling that it wasn't going to have a Hollywood Ending," Balkin said. "People had been following it on Facebook and I was telling everyone to stay tuned but it wasn't looking good."

Finally on Monday, Balkin got the happy ending she had been hoping for. Balkin's husband put out some tuna fish and the kitten finally exited the drain pipe. He was taken to the Humane Society of Westchester and is now living with a foster family and then will be put up for adoption.

"He's in great shape," Balkin said. "The more people that would try to get him, he just kept retreating. I guess he was scared."

Balkin said she was grateful for the support of the entire community, who all worked to get the kitten to come out.

"There was such an outpouring of support," Balkin said. "It made me happy to be a part of Edgemont. Everyone was so humane. It was just an incredible feeling to see so many people coming together to save a life."

And as for the kitten's name? Balkin decided to call him "Pipes." 

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