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Juniper water tank paint job finally has been painted! what goes into painting a water tank
Release Date: May 30, 2017

About a year ago student interns visited the Juniper water tank in Edgemont that was in the process of being painted. Painting a water tank is very expensive - over 2 million dollars. And the students learned what is involved in the process.

last year's video explaining what goes into painting a water tank



Interns with the Town of Greenburgh visited the Edgemont Water Tower that is undergoing renovations to find out just exactly what is going on!




Residents who live near the water tank have experienced water pressure problems. And we are sorry for the inconveniences. it's been a long process-longer than expected due to the wet weather. But, the good news is that the painting is now completed. Inspections and cleanup will take place this week.  Disinfection of the tank and samples will occur next week and we anticipate the tank will be back in service by the end of next week. The tank is now in excellent shape and should stay that way for many years.



Water Tank Rehabilitation– $3,000,000 - Rehabilitation of the Birchwood water storage tank. The Birchwood water storage tank is in need of significant structural and safety repairs and enhancements, including complete painting of both the interior and exterior surfaces.  This work is necessary to stay in compliance with Federal, State and Health Department regulations and also to maintain water quality throughout the Town of Greenburgh. The Town Board approved the appropriation in the 2017 capital budget

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