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Release Date: May 07, 2017

Office, NYS Public Service Commission, Riverkeeper, and Clearwater

to answer the public’s questions

 Greenburgh Nature Center, in partnership with the Sierra Club


Lower Hudson Group, will be holding its Indian Point Closure panel discussion on Wednesday,

May 10th, from 7pm - 9pm. Panelists from the Governor’s office, Riverkeeper, and Clearwater

will briefly introduce themselves and their role in the closing of Indian Point. The event will then

open up to a moderated question and answer session with the audience. There will be light

refreshments and the opportunity to learn about Solarizing your home or business.


Thomas Congdon, Coordinator of the Governor’s Indian Point Closure Task Force

Chuck Lesnick, Regional Representative to Governor Cuomo

Cliff Weathers, Communications Director of Riverkeeper

Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Director of Clearwater


7pm-7:30pm Refreshments, guests write questions on index cards, Solarize info table

7:30pm-8pm Welcome, panelist introductions

8pm-9pm Moderated question and answer

We anticipate discussion will include some of the following topics:

What will happen to the employees?

What will happen to the communities dependent upon the tax revenue from the plant?

What will happen with the waste?

What is the procedure and timetable for closure?

What might be the environmental impacts of closure?

How will the metropolitan area make up for the lost energy?

Is there enough money to safely decommission Indian Point? Where is this money?

Is the threat from accidents and terrorism eliminated once IP closes?

Can the IP property be used for another purpose once decommissioning is done?

“The closure of Indian Point brings up many questions for our community” says Greenburgh

Nature Center’s Sustainability Project Leader, Rachel Carpitella. “The Greenburgh Nature Center

and the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group are excited to offer the public an opportunity to get

their questions answered authoritatively on May 10th, 2017.”

Greenburgh Nature Center and the Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group hold meetings every

second Wednesday of the month. More information can be found at

www.greenburghnaturecenter.org .

Paul Feiner


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