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Award for Comprehensive Plan...Councilman back at work...skype & voting at Town Bd meetings
Release Date: May 06, 2017

We just received good news from the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation. The town of Greenburgh has been  named the recipient of the Outstanding Planning Achievement Award by the Municipal Planning Federation for our  2016 Comprehensive Plan.  It's the first Comprehensive Plan the town has had and will assist the town make smart and good land use decisions in the future.  Our Planning staff, dedicated volunteers and citizens from all over the town partnered in coming up with a plan that is being praised county-wide!


Councilman Francis Sheehan, who chaired the Comprehensive Plan Committee, is back at work! He had an operation earlier this year and spent a number of weeks recuperating. But, unlike many people who have major operations and don't work during their recuperation, Councilman Sheehan found a way to participate at Town Board meetings while recovering from surgery at home.  He never stopped working! He used Skype - he participated in our work sessions and Town Board meetings and voted.  Fortunately, Mr. Sheehan is now healthy enough to attend meetings in person. Modern technology should also  be used by other officials all over the nation if they are out of town and can't attend Board meetings or have health problems.


Councilman Sheehan wrote an interesting piece about his experiences overcoming obstacles during his surgery.



As required by NYS law I have made my decision re: Edgemont sufficiency petitions and will file the decision/opinion with the Town Clerk after I meet with the Town Board early next week. Once the decision is filed the opinion will be posted on the town website.


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