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William L. Carter Foundation honoring Councilman Ken Jones on Saturday
Release Date: April 28, 2017

Greenburgh Councilman Ken Jones will be honored tomorrow (Saturday) by the William L. Carter Foundation at the Doubletree in Tarrytown at 12 noon.  This is a big honor because the William L. Carter Foundation has been doing a lot of great things for our youth and community. Info about the event honoring Councilman Jones is attached.


Bill Carter passed away in 2016. He was a remarkable man who turned his life around.  Homeless to leader of the Theodore Young Community Center! Profiled by the New York Tmes. He cared about our youth and community. After Bill passed away his widow, Lavette Carter, formed the foundation and has worked hard --to inspire young people.


The William L. Carter Inspiration Program meets once a week every Thursday 6:30pm at TDYCC with mentors and student mentees.  The meetings are dedicated to Goal Setting/College Preparation/ Employment Readiness, the immersion of an activity, and lastly a mentor spotlight and formal, structured, meetings between Mentor and Student.  
The William L. Carter Foundation has garnered a partnership with Madison Square Garden, the students were given the “VIP” treatment and were invited to NBA games at Madison Square Garden and interacted with team members. 
 William L. Carter mentoring students went on a field trip to Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on April 8, 2017.

The Mentoring Program – We have developed meaningful mentoring program in cooperation with the New York State mentoring program where mentor-student relationships are structured and planned.   We started training mentors in June 2016.  The purpose of our mentors is to inspire and to build a bridge of support that will allow the children and young adults to go after their dreams. Since there are so many negative images in the media, we want to counteract that by showing them positive professionals of different backgrounds that have found the path to their success and are willing to share their success path and stories with the next generation of leaders.  
 The students learned  financial  literacy  from NY Life Mr. Jeffery Blanco and Orange Bank Trust Ms. Kim Griffith , learn college and career readiness skills and learn how to work with and in their community. More importantly, they  developed confidence, to feel wanted and to develop dreams for their future, dreams that will include becoming engineers, accountants, doctors and politicians for our community.
At the conclusion of each school year, up to five graduating students enrolled in the program will receive a William L.Carter Community Leader Scholarship of $1,000.00.  Scholarships will be awarded in cooperation with the local school districts in the Town of Greenburgh.  The awarded student will exhibit full determination of future and present goals/dreams; demonstrate compassion and respect for all of those she/he comes in contact with; a desire to uplift not only her/himself but also those around her/him; acceptance into an employment internship, trade school or College/University; demonstrate appreciation for the Arts, Music or Athletic activity; successful completion of the William L. Carter Inspiration Program. 
The primary purpose of this nonprofit organization is to stare down the statistics of minority classed children and teens by teaching and mentoring to prepare them for college and career and  to provide them with knowledge of their culture through the arts. Education is the biggest artillery that our children have to fight back and overcome statistics.  They are the next generation of leaders.  We also have judicial involvement with the Honorable Delores Braithwaite working with Sergeant Norman Hall on the "Education- Not Incarceration" initiative. 



The William L Carter Foundation has offered Free Jazz lessons to the musicians residing in the Town of Greenburgh. The musicians performed on the last day of the 2016 William L Carter Jazz Series.  
The New York Knicks has offered to take part in the William L Carter Tournament of Champions fundraiser for 2017 scholarships. The William L  Carter Inspiration Program  partnered with New York State Mentoring Program to mentor the students living in the Town of Greenburgh.
Please see a list of The William L Carter Jazz musicians and Greenburgh residents
Mr. Daniel Mack- Baritone/Woodlands Middle School
Mr. Adam Pascual- Trumpet/Woodlands Middle School
Ms. Miranda Luiz- Trumpet/Masters School
Mr. Desmond Washington- Pianist/Woodlands Middle School
Ms. Taylor Harris- Vocal/College of Saint Rose
Mr. Wesley Nyambi -Trumpet/ Woodlands High School
Ms. Olivia Marie Cook- Saxophonist/ Valhalla Middle School


The William L. Carter Inspiration Mentees
12th grade    Madison Hood
11th grade    Marc Delgado
10th grade    Rocio Gonzalez
10th grade    Sarah Corp
10th grade    Julianna Cuateco
9th grade      Galo Castro
9th grade      Milagros Bencosme Ferreiras
12th grade    Jasmin Jara
11th grade    Jonathan Jara
12th grade Sade Santos
12th grade Ashli Mebane

I am impressed with the significant accomplishments of the William L. Carter Foundation and believe that they are changing lives for the better.

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