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FIOS STORY --United States Postal Service imaging service to help track missing mail
Release Date: April 12, 2017

In recent weeks I have received many complaints about the US Postal Service ---lost mail, no deliveries, mail sent to wrong homes, not getting medicines, checks or bills,  etc...It's disappointing because a few months ago residents (who previously complained) pointed out that  mail delivery service had started to improve.


This USPS imaging service highlighted in this FIOS1 news story might be of interest.

I have been forwarding every complaint I receive to the regional administrator of the US Postal Service and each complaint has been followed up. The regional office of the US Postal Service is trying hard to improve service. And--to be fair- most of the mail gets delivered.  But, many people are losing confidence in the reliability of the Postal Service.   Many of the problems occur when the permanent postal service employee is on vacation or sick -and a substitute who is not familiar with the route drops off the mail.


This is not only a Greenburgh problem - but seems to be a national problem. I hope service will improve!  If you take advantage of the imaging service let me know your experiences.


http://www.fios1news.com/lowerhudsonvalley/USPS-photos-will-help-Greenburgh-track-missing-mail#.WO0v8YgrLic  PAUL FEINER



There are non-stop complaints about undelivered mail, says town supervisor



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