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Employees daughter named girl of the year "Julianna - 2017 Girl of the Year" -Leukemia Society
Release Date: April 08, 2017

Tom Vano is a third generation town of Greenburgh Highway department employee. He's a hard worker--a great asset to our community. His daughter, Julianna was named 2017 Girl of the Year on You Tube by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Congratulations Tom on not only being an outstanding employee but also on being a terrific parent of the 2017 Girl of the Year.  Your daughter is helping other children and families smile and realize that they could overcome the challenges of illness. And - her work will help find a cure. THANK YOU!  I would like to honor Julianna at an upcoming Town Board meeting for her work.

And - may your daughter and family be blessed with good health and happiness in the future.  Watch the video!






Subj: Watch "Julianna - 2017 Girl of the Year" on YouTube



Videography and Editing by Donvil Collins | www.VeeKast.com



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