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Release Date: March 15, 2017

Gary Mastrangelo, Principal of the Highview School on Central Ave, doesn't only care about his students. He cares about the elderly. And our community. Another reason to appreciate the kind of leaders the Greenburgh school district attracts.
During this weeks snow storm Gary offered to join our snow angels team and to assist an elderly woman who needed help getting out of her home. He, his son Jake and Jake's friend Josh Nobel , 16 years old, volunteered their time and helped an elderly woman with Parkinsons who has 24 hour care get her driveway cleared so her 24/7 home care aide could have access to her -and so the woman could get emergency help if needed. After they helped the elderly woman they assisted the woman's next door neighbor because the regular helper did not show up.
Gary is teaching his son why it's important to help others. The Greenburgh School district is very fortunate to have such a caring leader serving the school district --someone who really wants to make the world a better place.
We are always looking for snow angels to help those in need.  Feel free to e mail me if you'd like to volunteer.   There are still a few people who we were not able to help yesterday. So if you're free today and can assist, let me know. My e mail is pfeiner@greenburghny.com
The Public Works Department did an amazing job yesterday during the snow storm.  They worked from 2 AM on Tuesday morning to 1 AM last night clearing the roads of snow. Many residents contacted me to express appreciation for their hard work and dedicated service.
Also helping during the storm: our parks employees. They are hard working and help clear sidewalks on E Hartsdale Ave and elsewhere so pedestrians can walk safely.  This is a memo I received from the Parks Superintendent, Bobby Breen.
The Parks Department had 11 employees working yesterday’s storm. They spent the majority of the day trying to keep the sidewalks on sections of E. Hartsdale avenue, Central Avenue and on Ardsley road (from Central avenue all the way down to the Scarsdale Bronx River parkway overpass) clear for pedestrians and todays commuters. They also spent time clearing the Hillside avenue bridge so children would be able to return to R.J. Bailey school safely. As everyone should know, clearing the roads of snow for emergency vehicles is the top priority, so we deal with the same issue that most homeowners do, which is that we clear the snow and a little while later a plow comes by and covers the sidewalk again. While it can be frustrating, they understand the reasoning for this and always perform like true professionals. When they are finished, they will have cleared almost 3.3 miles worth of sidewalks throughout the Town and Parks system.
The following employees:
Nick Scazafave       Saverio De Gorgio
Brendan Rago        John Kennedy
Steve Stolarski      Marzio Burgio
Kelly George          Fabian Tenesca
Ralph DeRosa        Sean Scogna
Matt Myers
All deserve our sincerest thanks for the job they did during yesterday’s storm.
Robert Breen
Park Superintendent
Thanks to all who helped out! PAUL FEINER

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