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PARKING PROBLEMS AT THE LIBRARY? more library parking spaces to be created
Release Date: March 02, 2017

Almost every time I stop by at the Greenburgh Library I have difficulty finding parking. I'm not alone.  The lack of parking highlights how appreciated the library is.  I have decided to recommend to the Town Board that we appropriate funds in the 2017  capital budget for parking expansion.  The budget should be released shortly. And the capital budget will be approved in April.
  The town will do the work in house - which should save taxpayer dollars.  We’re lucky that we have a fantastic library that people love to use.  Despite the internet libraries around the country are more popular than ever!
Let me know if you have experienced parking problems at the library!  My e mail: pfeiner@greenburghny.com
from my capital budget
Expand Library Parking Lot - $50,000 – Additional parking is requested at the Library.  During design, 28 spaces were designated on the plans, but not constructed.  It is now desired to construct these spaces to address parking. Program needs at the Library require more parking than currently available.  

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