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Release Date: August 30, 2005

The Town of Greenburghwill be submitting paper work to the State Supreme Court next week to finalize ownership of the waterwheel property on 9A in Ardsley. The Village of Ardsley & Trustee Jay Leon have requested that the town of Greenburgh lease the property temporarily to the Ardsley Volunteer Fire Department. The fire department will be building a new headquarters in Ardsley and will not be able to use the current headquarters during the construction.  I think that this is a good suggestion and am pleased that the town can be helpful to the Volunteer Fire Department during their time of need. 
After the Fire Department moves out of the waterwheel property the town and Ardsley will work together to build affordable housing on the property. One suggestion: We should consider building affordable housing that will be geared to volunteer fire fighters (similar to what Dobbs Ferry did a number of years ago). It’s getting difficult to attract young volunteers because housing is so expensive. Having affordable housing for volunteers will enable the town to attract and keep our volunteers-------------they save taxpayers millions a year.


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