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Be careful when you leave your home tomorrow: BLACK ICE FALLS ReSULT IN HOSPITALIZATIONS
Release Date: February 09, 2017

se it is so cold out - there is a lot of black ice. And - tomorrow morning when you leave your home it's going to be very slippery. BE CAREFUL! 

After every snow storm (when weather conditions are cold) many people slip, fall, break bones and are taken to the emergency room. Some people who fall will lose their lives - especially if they fall on their head.

Two interesting links below from out of the area -one features a doctor that shows people how to do the penguin march on black ice, reducing your chances of falling.

We want you to be happy, safe and healthy living in our town. Watch out for black ice tomorrow and during the winter months






Wednesday night's sleet and freezing rain created some treacherous travel conditions. 



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