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Release Date: January 13, 2017

Greenburgh Councilman Kevin Morgan recently told me that he is saving $250 a month because he put solar panels on the roof of his home. There were no up front costs.  He is not alone. Solar energy can save you significant dollars. But the amount of savings depends on sunlight and roofs.


On Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM Nina Orville of Abundant Efficiency and Solarize Westchester will be making a presentation to the Town Board. Solarize Westchester has expressed interest in working with the Greenburgh Town Board screening potential solar companies – trying to come up with the most competitive pricing proposal and quality installation. Solarize Westchester will outreach to residents between March and June with the goal of dramatically increasing the number of existing solar PV installations in the town. Similar programs in other municipalities around the county have resulted in over 400 solar installations.


The benefit of this initiative: we will lower the cost of solar energy by reducing customer acquisition costs for selected installers and transfer savings to you, the homeowner. For many people the most complicated aspect of going solar is figuring out where to begin. Solarize does the work for you –there is one vetted solar installer and reduces uncertainty about how to chose a contractor.


Because there is a concentrated focus on a narrow geographical area the ratepayers get discounted rates below the typical installation prices. Residential pricing may also be tiered based on the number of residential installations, meaning the cost goes down for everyone as more residents sign up. If residents would prefer using other contractors they are free to use anyone they want.


Our Tuesday morning work session will be streamed live on the Greenburgh website: www.greenburghny.com.  Our meetings are held at Greenburgh Town Hall. Feel free to e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com with questions.

Paul Feiner

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