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halloween night 2016-- no problems--report on the evening--most quiet halloween in memory
Release Date: October 31, 2016

During the past twenty six years I have spent Halloween night patrolling the streets of Greenburgh with the Police Chief. When I first started the Halloween night patrols the town had major problems - lots of mischief, some property damages. One year a car was set on fire.  Former Police Chief John Kapica and his successor, Joseph DeCarlo decided to do something about the problem---on Halloween night we increase patrols around town.  Significant resources are allocated to make sure your property and your children are safe.


Tonight I spent some time patrolling streets around town with Chief Chris McNerney  We saw lots of kids and parents walking around town. During the few hours that I was driving around town the police radio was very quiet---no reported Halloween related problems. We chatted with some residents, talked with police officers patrolling different neighborhoods.  And, even made a housecall to a  new resident- welcoming them to town!


This was the most quiet Halloween night in memory. Kudo's to the Greenburgh police  for keeping our community safe. They did a terrific job.



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