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Release Date: May 16, 2016

In recent years I have forwarded many (thousands)  complaints about the postal service to postal service authorities and to members of the congressional delegation. A few months ago I had the chance to speak with David Williams, Chief Operating Officer of the United States Postal Service about the problems residents were experiencing.  He promised to give our concerns his attention.  Richard Conte, the district Manager/Executive in charge of the United States Postal Service also  reached out to me and personally has been following up on each concern I have brought to his attention. The postal service has been holding constituent meetings at area post offices with residents and the local Postmaster.
Last week I was invited by Richard Conte, district manager to tour their district process plant. Prior to the tour I met with about 25+ local postmasters and high ranking local postal service officials. We discussed initiatives to improve postal service delivery in our area and the concerns residents have had. The good news: they are taking every complaint very seriously and trying to identify the causes of the problems. Most of the complaints forwarded to them involve temporary or substitute postal service employees who fill in when a postal service employee is on vacation or leaves his/her job.
The highlight of the day was the tour of the district process plant. I learned that 2.4 million letters are sorted daily at the plant with 600,000 magazines processed.
The plant is automated. A train moves around the building transporting mail to different automated sections of the distributions center. Another machine is also located at the facility­ testing letters to make sure that hazardous materials like anthrax isn't being sent to customers.
A problem: dog bites. Every year a number of postal service employees get bitten by dogs--some seriously. Please be considerate if you have a dog.
A GPS system tracks the location of both letters and the location of each postal service worker. It was interesting observing how the postal service is able to track mail.
Although there are still problems at the postal service - I feel optimistic that many of the problems will decrease. Because of automation and the GPS systems - the postal service has the tools to understand the causes of the problems forwarded to their attention and to correct the problems. Feel free to continue to advise me of concerns you have. Last week I received some compliments about the postal service from residents too! They should also be forwarded. When the postal service does something great – it should be acknowledged. Many of the postal service employees really care  about their job.
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