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Summary of site visit Lawrence Street traffic problems
Release Date: April 24, 2016

Erich Hartmann wrote the following summary of a site visit conducted on Thursday during rush hour of Lawrence Street. Many of us feel that the NYS Department of Transportation should construct a right turn lane on Saw Mill River Parkway North at Lawrence Street. 
Link to online petition calling on NYS DOT TO FIX LAWRENCE STREET TRAFFIC PROBLEMS
Paul Feiner
NYSDOT @ Lawrence St – UPDATE!

Many of you were wondering how the DOT on-site inspection went …and you may have seen a group of us milling around that dangerous intersection yesterday during rush hour…so here’s a brief summation:

First of all, ironically, there was a wreck (fender bender) on the Saw Mill North right before Lawrence St. Not kidding.


All the important stakeholders were there, Tom Abinanti, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and MaryJane Shimsky, as well as Paul Feiner, Francis Sheehan, Peter Porcino, Joanne Sold, Dan Lemons from Hastings, the police chiefs of Ardsley, Greenburgh, etc. A really good turnout.

As a group, we observed, we tromped around (through heavy, gnarly, honky traffic), and we discussed the 3 points outlined in the petition, with initial focus on the (mysteriously erased) right turn lane on SMRP North @ Lawrence St.

Overall DOT confirmed that they hear us, they take our concerns seriously, and they’ll be officially initiating some major data collection soon, conducted over a defined time period. Which means it’s now officially a “thing.”

There was also complete and unanimous support for us, the citizens, in becoming more involved in these local issues and processes. I don’t think it was empty praise, so extended thank you to all of you who take the time to read, and participate!

So thank you!

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