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Reassessment follow up actions... Ardsley veterans want State to pay for tax breaks for veterans
Release Date: March 21, 2016

Have spent some time today discussing your Reassessment  concerns with Assessor Edye McCarthy. Most of the people who contacted me over the weekend- highlighted the difficulty they had getting an appointment with Tyler Technologies. The good news: Not as big a problem today. Most were able to reach Tyler today. Meetings have been scheduled with Tyler & taxpayers beginning this week. There still were a few people who have tried calling and haven't been able to get through. Hopefully, Tyler will be able to handle the call volume and schedule appointments with everyone who believes that their projected assessments need to be corrected.


A number of people have question about the  assessment process. Edye McCarthy will be taping a short  info-mercial tomorrow that I will post a link to  (by Wednesday) answering the questions that have been raised by taxpayers regarding the reassessment.  Hopefully this will help.


I spoke with State Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins and Assemblyman Tom Abinanti. I suggested that they consider introducing legislation that would increase the amount of income senior citizens can earn to be eligible for senior citizen tax breaks. The current dollar amount, according to the Assessor, is $37,000--which is not practical for seniors living in Westchester. Trying to think of other initiatives that could be taken to help those who will be facing tax hikes as a result of reassessment. 



From: Frank Pagani

Subject: Veterans Urge  Action to Pass A 966 to Reform Property Tax Exemption.


The members of the Ardsley American Legion Post 458 urge the NY State Legislature to  pass A 966 that was introduced recently by Assemblyman Tom Abinanti and which Senator Carlucci has sponsored in the Senate. It would reimburse school districts that adopt the veterans alternative property tax exemption so that veterans everywhere throughout the state enjoy the benefit, not just some of us.


As you well know, the alternative veterans property tax exemption is not the first time a well-intended piece of legislation missed the mark, either at the local, town, county, state or federal level. By leaving it to the school districts to pass the measure, the result was a “Tale of 2 Cities” in which about 50% of the school districts signed on and 50% did not, most citing that the state should pick up the cost instead of the taxpayers. That is what Assemblyman Abinanti’s legislation will do, ending once and for all this glaring and unfair disparity.




Frank Pagani

Ardsley American Legion Post 458

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