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Release Date: February 29, 2016

The Greenburgh Shopping Center on Knollwood Road (the ACME supermarket is located there) has proposed to  re-stripe the existing parking lot, create additional handicapped parking spaces, put in new crosswalks, and install new shopping cart carriages in order to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety on the Property.
In recent months the applicant has  engaged in a site walk with Town staff, members of the Board, and members of the public.  In response to issues raised at this site walk as well as additional input from Town staff, a number of changes have been made to the proposed plan to further improve traffic and safety.  Specifically:
1)      The number of proposed handicap parking spaces has been increased to 23, resulting in more than double the amount required by the Greenburgh Zoning Ordinance.
2)      Handicap parking spaces have been relocated from the Knollwood Road entrance/exit area to be closer to a crosswalk.
3)      Stop bars have been placed at the end of all drive aisles around the primary building on the Property.
4)      The existing flush curb areas in front of the main building have been revised to show the accurate width and number of areas that may be used for wheelchair access.
5)      The entrance and exit lanes from Knollwood 
Road will be separated with a double yellow line.
6)      Additional directional arrows will be placed in the entrance and exit lanes for Knollwood Road and Dobbs Ferry Road.
7)      The one-way sign at the entrance from Dobbs Ferry will be replaces.
8)      A new curb cut is proposed for the crosswalk leading from Racanelli’s to the Dunkin Donuts.
9)      The parking space next to the existing Dunkin Donuts curb ramp has been striped as an access aisle for the adjacent handicap parking space.
10)   A new curved directional arrow has been added at the northwest corner of the Property, and directional arrows for the Dunkin Donuts drive thru have been centered.
   The Town Board held a public hearing last week on the proposed plan. Link appears below to some of the highlights from the hearing. 
comments from residents --Changes to Shopping Center - https://youtu.be/VAYb1gKYzYs 
 Presentation from Commissioner and attorney re: shopping center proposals - http://greenburghny.swagit.com/play/02242016-880/#10  
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