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My choice for President of the United States (only problem: she's in 5th grade (WATCH VIDEO)
Release Date: February 12, 2016

Shanice Raquel Scott Marlow is my first choice for President of the United States. Only problem: She's in 5th grade. She's a student at R.J. Bailey Elementary School in Greenburgh. She's a member of the Greenburgh XPOSURE after school program. Members of the Greenburgh Town Board watched a video of her  Presidential debate at our last Town Board meeting this past Wednesday (watch the video link below).

When I watched the video my immediate reaction was to offer to volunteer. Unlike some Presidential candidates she spoke from the heart. And, campaign consultants didn't write her speech.  And, unlike other Presidential candidates she didn't keep repeating herself!
The Bailey Elementary School and the XPOSURE after school program may one day get the reputation of being the school and after school program that creates future Presidents of the United States.
Please watch the video below and let me know what you think!
Shanice Raquel Scott Marlow is a 5th grader at R.J. Bailey Elementary School in Greenburgh, New York. Her favorite subjects are English, Language Arts and Science. Her aspirations are to become a doctor and maybe even President of the United States. 
Her older brother Justin is her inspiration. She considers him to be “a cool, calm and collected dude and awesome big brother who wins awards." She also names Maya Angelou as an inspiration because of her poem Phenomenal Woman. Shanice has received a Rotary Club Award and has run both for the positions of Vice President and Secretary of her class. A few of her hobbies include dancing, singing, writing and cooking. She feels extremely lucky to have a loving family that always supports her and encourages her to strive for excellence.?

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