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Release Date: May 19, 2005

Students interested in participating in a student run Greenburgh cable TV news show (GNN-not CNN) are invited to meet with Supervisor Paul Feiner on Thursday afternoon May 26th at 3:45 PMat GreenburghTown Hall. Students will air the local news show about Greenburgh on public access TV and will produce, direct and have control of a totally independent news show—focusing on Greenburgh. The purpose of this meeting will be to organize the first news show, recruit student participants and to develop a structure for the program. Once the student run cable TV news show is established Supervisor Feiner will not play any role in the news show. “We want students to be objective in their reporting, to report both sides of local issues and to air editorials on issues – without being influenced by elected officials. At times GNN will agree with town policies. At times they won’t. That’s democracy and free speech.   For more information, please call Feiner at 993 1540 or e mail him at pfeiner@greenburghny.com.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner’s next temporary job assignment will take place on May 27th----Feiner will work in the water department for part of the day. Feiner has worked in different departments in town government ---picking up garbage, recyclables, working as a librarian, building inspector, repairing curbs, clearing snow from streets, paving sidewalks, etc…  These temporary assignments provide Feiner with an opportunity to appreciate the work town staff performs and to interact with town employees.

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