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save tax dollars! STAR REMINDER
Release Date: May 16, 2005

  Call the Assessor’s office Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 8 AMand 9 AMto confirm that you have been approved for STAR exemptions. STAR exemptions reduce your school tax bills. Seniors, 65 or older, who have an adjusted gross income of less than $64,650 are eligible for tax reductions highlighted below. Everyone else who is a property owner and it is their primary residence, are entitled to a reduced savings which is approximately half of what you see below.  Those  property owners younger than 65 years of age and seniors who earn more than $64,650 only have to apply once. If you are entitled to the greater senior exemption, you must reapply every year unless you have previously given the assessor permission to receive the information from the state.    PAUL FEINER

You must renew by June 1, 2005

Make certain that your STAR renewal for 2006 School Taxes has been approved.

There are two methods of renewing your STAR exemption: You may renew in person or by mail.  ( Assessment Department -177 Hillside Ave, - Greenburgh N.Y. 10607 )


You may have given permission allowing New York State officials to contact the town assessor with the appropriate information.

In either case you should call the following numbers to confirm that your renewal application has been approved.

993 1633



The school tax for September 2006 will decrease by these approximate amounts depending in which school district you live in.

Tarrytown School District :      $3,300 +-

Irvington School District   :      $2,900 +-

Dobbs Ferry School District :   $3,700 +-

Hastings School District :         $4,000 +-

Ardsley School District :          $3,100 +-

Edgemont School District :      $3,000 +-

Greenburgh  School District  :  $2,200 +-

Elmsford School District :        $2,600 +-

Pocantico School District :       $1,200 +-

Valhalla School District :         $2,800 +-

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