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Another fatality on a NYS road --motorist driving wrong way kills woman
Release Date: December 15, 2015

Earlier this month (December 13)  a motorist from Scarsdale was arrested for  for driving the wrong way on Interstate 684 in Bedford The motorist killed an innocent woman because he drove the wrong way. This highlights the need for NYS to do what other communities have done around the nation.


  Sadly, there are too many fatalities on New York State highways. NYS has cut back on police patrols. Earlier this year -in  Greenburgh - a police officer from NYC lost his life on the Sprain Parkway. There have been wrong way traffic deaths on the Taconic and on other state highways.



  What should be done?  NYS should consider rumble strips, fog line reflectors and sensors on cameras that warn drivers that they are driving against traffic. In Houston, on a toll road, radar detectors flash alerts to drivers. Also if there are warning signs other drivers who are driving the right way will be given a heads up that a wrong way driver is ahead. They could pull to a safe area and wait until the wrong way motorist passes them--avoiding an accident.



 The cost of these safety initiatives could be paid for by tickets issued by a more aggressive state police.

Greenburgh, NY Town Supervisor


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