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Release Date: November 01, 2015

I spent the evening patrolling the streets of Greenburgh with Police Chief Chris McNerney. Years ago, when I first started serving as Town Supervisor, Halloween night was very busy. Lots of vandalism, mischief, eggs, shaving cream, some property damage.  Former Police Chief John Kapica responded to the problem by allocating significant police resources to every neighborhood in town on Halloween night. The initiative was highly successful. In recent years there have been few complaints from residents about Halloween incidents.


Halloween 2015 was a safe evening for Greenburgh residents. We received no reports of vandalism. The police chief and I drove around many different neighborhoods tonight. We stopped by  some homes where there had been previous incidents. We saw a lot of children walking the streets and some teenager's hanging out with each other or going to parties. But, didn't see anyone with shaving cream or eggs. We listened to the police radio during the evening --only complaints we heard dealt with kids hanging out in neighborhoods.


Congratulations to Police Chief McNerney and his team of dedicated police for doing a great job on Halloween night, 2015.


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