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Digital speed sign will advise motorists of number of tickets issued on streets--will help reduce sp
Release Date: September 30, 2015

  Over the years I have received many complaints from residents throughout the town about speeding.  Our police department does the best job they can trying to control excessive speeding. But, it's impossible to have a police car on every street every day.
  We have come up with an out of the box idea that I think could result in motorists slowing down. We recently purchased a digital sign board (see photo that is attached) and will be moving the digital sign board around town. 
  This is how the digital sign board will work: The police will do selective enforcement on a street for one or two days. They will issue a number of tickets on the street. A day or two later we will place the digital sign board on the street where enforcement took place. The sign will say something like
  "15 tickets issued for speeding during past two days"
We may also advise motorists when tickets on a given street are issued for different reasons: failure to put on seat belts, register cars, crossing a lane, etc..
  There are some benefits to the sign.  It will catch motorists attention. We will highlight the fact that the police are monitoring speeding on the street. I think motorists will worry that they, too, could get a ticket. Hopefully--they will slow down.
If there are streets that you would like us to include on our list of streets that will be targeted for this program- please advise.

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