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Release Date: June 26, 2015

A shared service opportunity....Earlier this year Dr. Tahira Chase,  Interim Superintendent of Schools for the Greenburgh school district & Lloyd Newland, President of the School Board, approached the town to discuss ways to save taxpayers money.  New York State is encouraging more shared services. It's part of the intent of the  tax cap legislation limiting tax hikes.  Here is the 1st of what we hope will be other shared services that could save YOU, the taxpayers, some money!


The Town maintains gasoline and diesel fuel tanks. The  Greenburgh School District wishes to have access to these fuel facilities. Over the years they have purchased gas for their vehicles from gas stations --the gas at the stations is much more expensive than the gas the town purchases.

The Town & School district are about to enter into an agreement providing the school district with access to the fuel facilities for school vehicles.     The Town will provide access codes for each vehicle authorized to access the fuel facilities. 

The School District will  pay a fuel price as determined by the most recent price paid by the Town for the fuel which is used by the School District.  This shared service will also be available to other schools within the town that would like to take advantage of the opportunity to save money.


I have been informed that NYS has  recently allocated $2 million for preliminary design of the 9A bypass and the NYS Department of Transportation will start working on the process. There are many permits that the region will work through. This is good, positive news.


Several  decades ago it became apparent to the Town and its Villages, in particular
Elmsford, Tarrytown and Ardsley, that truck traffic running north and south seeking a route above the
Cross Westchester Expressway had only the limited options of NYS Route 9A through Ardsley and
Elmsford or NYS Route 9 through Tarrytown. These existing roadway  options are inadequate for the high volume of truck traffic. Local, county and state officials determined the feasibility for a bypass road which
would reduce congestion, increase safety and promote economic development.


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