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Release Date: May 28, 2015

The Greenburgh Town Board approved a resolution (endorsed by the Planning Board & Parks & Recreation Advisory Board) to release $20,000 from the parkland funds (NON TAXPAYER DOLLARS)  for professional services for Park Development at DeSanti plaza that will feature a veterans memorial. DeSanti plaza is located on East Hartsdale Ave. The developer escrow funds can be used for park enhancements but not for the purchase or installation of the actual memorial. We hope that we will receive private donations for the memorial.  . .
The next step:  designing a park design.   These are some of the advantages to enhancing DeSanti Plaza.
1) The town should recognize those veterans who lost their lives for our nation and for democracy.
2) DeSanti Plaza is located across from the Hartsdale train station-- the gateway to Greenburgh for commuters who take the train to Hartsdale. Enhancing the park will create a positive first impression of the town for visitors and commuters.
3) Enhancing DeSanti Plaza & turning it into a beautiful park will make this park (currently used for farmer market concerts) more of a destination point. 
4) A beautiful new park with a monument should make E Hartsdale Ave more of a destination location- and help our business community: more people to the Ave equals more business for our merchants. One of our success stories: We turned around a business district that at one time had about 50% vacancies. Now, the storefronts are not vacant.
5) More community events in addition to the farmer's market concerts at the park can be scheduled.
If you would like to be kept informed of the progress we make or if you would like to volunteer and participate in the efforts - please advise by e mailing me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. In addition to enhancing the park--look for some nice additional enhancements on E Hartsdale Ave, paid for with a federal grant.
Visit our web site at www.greenburghny.com and view archived Supervisors Reports.
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