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Another missing child--Irvington Middle School 14 year old (PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW)
Release Date: April 13, 2015

Earlier this year the community worked together and found a missing Edgemont girl. Just learned that an Irvington Middle School student is missing---her name is Aliyah Espinal. She is 14 years old--5 feet 3 inches. 109 pounds. Light brown hair. Thin. Brown eyes.  Hispanic. I called the Irvington police. They advised that she's been missing since Friday. Please advise the Irvington police if you have info. 591 8080 or call 911.   The photo is attached. Sometimes when I send blast e mails out photo attachments are hard to open. If you want to see a photo of Aliyah and can't open up the attachment please e mail me and I'll send it out to you again.


I'm going to reach out to my facebook, linked in, twitter friends. I encourage you to do the same. Will also ask Edgemont leaders who helped find the missing Edgemont girl earlier this year to provide advice on what worked. If we work together and give this the highest priority attention --we will be successful in finding Aliyah. 


I think the most important initial action step everyone can take is to share Aliyah's photo and info with everyone you can think of. 



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